Abney Delivers

We are a delivery company that specializes in sending missed delivery notes.

Ever received a missed delivery note with a BS reason?

Ever wondered what the most Canadian way of showing the bosses of delivery companies how bad their service is? Without complaining.

That's why we're here.

We make it easy to send missed delivery notices to delivery companies, just like this.

Our Story

Have you ever had a delivery firm like UPS leave you a Missed Delivery note, even when you are home?

Same here!

Our founder, Gavin (hunky; down-to-earth; not writing this himself) thought so, too. He got frustrated when it kept happening in his home city of Vancouver. The problem was: delivery companies' customer service don't care.

Like all startup founders, he asked himself a simple question: where's my turtleneck sweater? Once he found it and fixed the inside-out sleeves, he asked more questions.

Why is there no service to send missed delivery notices to delivery companies?

Why is there no petty, passive aggressive, Canadian way of showing Delivery Companies how bad their service is?

For a month, Gav delivered notes to local UPS stores in Vancouver. See here. Spurred on by the success of making his drunken friends laugh at him (and with him!), he’s taking Abney global.

Abney Delivers was born.

The Abney Promise

We only deliver missed delivery notes - only to delivery companies.

Rain, sleet or snow. Locusts, frogs or moderate case of eczema. We always strive to make 1 attempt to send a missed delivery note to a delivery company.

That's the Abney promise.